Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Card A Day. Day 60. Love...

I have been loving this Love Me 6x6 paper pack from My Mind's Eye. This is my fourth card this week where I use this paper. No stamped sentiment on this one. Hearts do the talking. ;)

Happy Creating!

Always catching up... ;)

I always try to catch up on Tuesday because I want the blog ready for WOYWW {What's On Your Workspace Wednesday} but I have missed the last two weeks and am not sure I will be ready for tomorrow's either. I will try though so this post is an update on what I have done with Card A Day and other projects...

Happy Creating!

Card A Day. Day 51.
Technique Tuesday stamp set. LOVE these knit hats! Remind me of Ron Weasley. ;-)
My craft room when we first moved in and this month.
Hubby brought these Ikea placemats home after a biz trip up to Phoenix. They were only $0.81 each but also only three. An IGer gave me the idea to hang these in my craft room window. So cute!
Any Duranies out there?! My copies of John's autobiography. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him narrate the audiobook. Those were a couple of great crafting sessions. :-) I want to listen again soon.
What I was going to post for WOYWW last week - October 24. OWH cards, papercrafting workspace, and doll jewelry in progress on the bottom.
Added this one in for the clean papercrafting workspace and the cute dog. ;-) Mocha.
Now this is what my papercrafting adventures really look like...or worse! ;-) I never did finish that sun ray card.
My haul from {I heart papers}. LOVE!!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Card A Day. Day 50. Love...

This card is one of my favorites! No stamping on this one. I let the paper do all the work. ;)

Got a {new for me} 6 x 6 paper pack called Love Me by My Mind's Eye. A.dooor.Able!!! I also used Core Impressions paper from the Stacy Julian Happy Colors Collection and sanded the polka dots.

Last, but not least are some pale blue rhinestone accents from Kaisercraft from their Hunt & Gather Jewel pack.

Hope you enjoy the card!

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing catch up...

...because I am behind on posting for Card A Day. lol

I am managing to keep up with making a card a day but not posting them on the blog. Today's card (or yesterday depending on when this updates since it is nearly midnight) does have it's own post. Day 46.

Here are the cards that were between Day 36 and Day 46.

The photos are not necessarily in order.


Happy Creating!

Card A Day. Day 46. LOVE

Squares are definitely the focal point of this card design. :) I didn't want to make a square card so the design isn't quite like the OWH B-16 sketch that my sister chose for today. I do like how it came out though. Using paper from the DCWV Stack 8 and some miscellaneous solid card stock. Alphabet stamps are from a foam set by Scrappy Cat...Antique Affections.

Hope you like the card!

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My second WOYWW! I'm on a roll. ;-) {What's On Your WorkdeskWednesday #175}

I've made it to my second WOYWW post! I even have some real projects to show this week. A more realistic picture of what my workspace looks like. ;-)

If you want to join in the WOYWW fun - you can find all the links here at Julia's Stamping Ground blog.

My jewelry area is still a bit clean compared to when I'm really productive but I have some jewelry pieces that are done and ready to be listed and I'm ready to start on new ones. I'm excited about the new brass cuff bracelets!

The first photo is what my papercraft area looked like when I went to bed last night. I worked on my latest Card A Day project but the after photo shows what my next project will be...some ACEOs. I cleaned up the area and brought out some WIP ACEOs and cut cardboard. I'd like to use images from the latest S.W.A.K. kit from Unity Stamp Company. That is on the table as well. Love the hexagons and there is a fun library sign-out card image. I remember the days when they stamped the date in the actual books when you checked them out. LOL

So that is what I am up to today. Thanks for visiting!

Happy Creating!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Smile, it suits you! ;)

Card A Day. Day 36

Successfully created a card based on a sketch...on the first try! lol

Images and sentiment are from Unity Stamp Company. Colored with Spectrum Noir markers. I am still developing my technique. ;)

Happy Creating!

Happy World Cardmaking Day!


To celebrate World Cardmaking Day, I have started mass production on holiday cards for OWH {Operation Write Home}! This will be my first time sending holiday cards for OWH so I want to send A LOT. This means there will be multiples of some designs but it will also be fun to experiment with new designs.

Here is my first batch done! I ran into some technical difficulties so only 4 out of 5 planned made the cut.

I wanted some twine for a design I have in mind but one of our dogs has not been feeling too well (and I wanted to spend my time crafting) so my husband had to add my errands to his errand run today. I gave him a list and the coupons and he did have some luck finding the things I was looking for. :-)  Mocha is feeling a lot better now!

My haul. Some papercrafting supplies and some much needed chain for jewelry designs.
I also completed a card using the latest Stamp of the Week from Unity Stamp Company. I usually received my weekly stamp set on Wednesdays, so thought Thursdays would make a good SOTW Card A Day but I am now going to change that to Saturday. Saturday SOTW sounds like a better blog title, right? ;-) lol

Here it is! The design is finely sketched so I didn't use my Spectrum Noir markers (no Copics here, yet) and opted for colored pencils. Not sure how I feel about the coloring technique. More practice is in order! :-)

If you want to get in on the Stamp of the Week, here is the link http://www.unitystampoftheweek.blogspot.com/

Here is another finished holiday design I want to repeat for some OWH cards. I love the saying "I miss you snow much" but I'll also have to find different snowflake embellishments. Or make some. Hmmm...fun!

Lastly I am still working on my actual Card A Day from a sketch that my sister picked out. We are trying to use the same sketch each day to see what our individual interpretations of it will be. Her cards have been awesome! Some days I have had to abandon the sketch and go in a completely different direction...but I am going to keep trying!

Hope you have a wonderful day crafting - whether you are making cards or other fun projects!

Happy Creating!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Card A Day...catching up

In preparation for World Cardmaking Day on Saturday October 6...I am posting a catch up on my Card A Day projects. Just photos for now. ;-)

Thanks for visiting!

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Organized? It's an illusion. My very first WOYWW {What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday}


I am participating in my first What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? WOYWW

You can visit Julia's Stamping Ground blog to see other workdesks/workspaces! Lots of lovely craft goodness.

This was an odd day for me to start showing off my workdesk/workspace. My papercrafting work area is actually clear of mess right now...temporarily...because I am about to start mass production of my holiday cards for OWH (Operation Write Home). That lonely holiday card on my craft table will be a rough template for the other cards.

I took some pics of the other workspaces in my craft room to show a couple of other projects. Those areas are also a bit neater than they normally would be. It is an illusion of organization because I am preparing for big projects. I really can't do any projects without clearing off some surface space daily though. ;-) Especially in the papercrafting work area, thanks to my Card A Day projects.

I have made a card a day for 32 days straight. Sometimes multiple cards a day. Of course, I am too disorganized to remember to post them on the blog every day but I do post a pic of them daily on Instagram. ;-) This is a record for me because I'd been way behind on handmade cards and my sister kept teasing me about that because I have plenty of supplies - especially rubber stamps. I LOVE rubber stamps - but who doesn't?!

Okay, enough of my rambling introduction. Here are the rest of the pics. Thanks for taking a peek! :-)

Happy Creating!

P.S. Oh! There is one pic that shows what an awesome mail day it was! Lots of fun new goodies. I am on a steampunk kick right now (plan to have a steampunk Halloween costume) and can't wait to use the new stamps. Don't you love them - especially the alphas?!

Where the mess from the papercrafting area is right now. Hanging out on the dryer while I separate scraps from stamps and embellishments.
The other side of my tall (I stand to work) craft table is for journaling and some jewelry projects. Currently the pink tray holds a new batch of supplies from a trip to the jewelry store this past weekend. Fun! The bin on the other side of the table holds accessory options for my Halloween steampunk costume. I'll do a blog post about that on my main blog when I get it done (Love and Creative Destiny). The area is supposed to be for fabric cutting, as evidenced by the cutting mat, but it never stays cleared off enough for that. ;-)
The area by the window is for metal stamping, taking photos, and odd projects. It is so bright today! Still about 100 here in Tucson. Still a bit too warm all over the U.S. from what I've seen. :/ Nice and comfy inside though with the A/C. Of course, no matter how high the A/C is, I can feel the heat coming through the window when the sun is shining. My craft room is also the warmest/coldest room in the house depending on the season. (We really only have two - HOT and cooler! LOL)
The main jewelry work areas and my mini sewing machine (my regular sewing machine is down for repairs and I haven't mastered my serger). I make jewelry for dolls (and people) and in this photo you can see some of the legs of my dolls that I use as models, and a doll dress form.