Thursday, July 25, 2013

Unity SOTW...chocolate!

Just love the latest Unity Stamp of the Week! I knew what I wanted to do with the chocolate bar stamp almost from the moment I saw it but figuring out the card base proved a little tricky. 

I wanted to start moving away from the traditional cards I usually make. I like them because the bases are easy to measure and cut, getting two card bases from each 8.5" x 11" piece of card stock but it isn't "papercraft adventures" without the adventures. 

Adventure for me these days is trying to figure out where To store my newest craft supply or finding the ones I need for a project. I am neatly disorganized. ;) At least that is what I call it. A purge of the craft studio is in order, AND not buying so much be stuff. No Shopping August is just a week away! (I will leave that for a different post.) 

Back to chocolate, which BTW we should never ignore. ;) Trader Joe's has some yummy varieties of chocolate. Mmmm!!! 

Here are two cards:

I was trying a different photo background option but went back to the white box. I need to create a new, larger photo box or maybe I need to only take photos at night. Anyway...hope you like the cards! :) 

Not the greatest photo but here are most of the supplies I used on the two cards. Plus some brown scrap paper.