Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Winter holiday cards made!

I actually made our Christmas cards on Sunday! 
That would be Sunday, October 13!!!

Why so early? 
I really have no idea but the design came together really quickly,
so I  just went for it and made the cards while Michael
was on the computer. I need the main computer to do
schoolwork but never mind a delay in schoolwork time. ;-) 

Called {Oh Christmas Tree}. It is a fun one! 

It arrived on Saturday, October 12. I saw this snowflake ornament design and 
immediately fell in love with it and had the embossing idea! 
I wanted to use some neon, and chose pink.

For me, pink always goes along with green for some reason. ;-) 
So I chose green paper and the "winter greetings" sentiment from the kit. 
Saturday night I made these two prototypes. 

The final design ended up being layered on white cardstock because the green cardstock was 
a bit thin. I have 20 cards made. I may need some additional cards for our holiday list, 
but this design is definitely easy to make more of quickly! 

It feels nice to have a holiday project completed...soooo early! 

I haven't been this ahead of the game in awhile. lol 



  1. Girl you are awsome! I did not even send christmas cards out last year because I kept saying I was going to make them and never did! Thanks for giving me the inspiration I needed!

    1. Thank you and YAY!! I am glad I could help with inspiration because you are always inspiring me! :-) Hugs!

  2. I like them, which you already know. I.think I'll go for it...but I gotta see who they'll be given to.

    1. I used to have a much longer holiday card list than I do now. Of course with our nieces and nephews growing up, getting married, or having more children I need to remember to update the family name lists! ;-) I like that I found a design that I could make 20 cards easily in less than a day. This is the first time there might be a handmade card design consistency, usually I'll make 3-4 handmade cards, maybe 10 partially handmade, and the rest boxed cards. lol