Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Mocha...on a scrapbook layout !

Hello everyone! 

I have another blog post, already!! ;-) 
Eventually I'll get up to those daily posts, or maybe not. I do plan on sharing a lot more often so thanks for stopping in! 

This layout is of Mocha. 

We rescued her in 2006. Michael found her online through a GSP rescue in Utah.
We had fostered a teeny dog (only 7 lbs) for a week in February 2006 when a neighbor had to go into a nursing home.
Ginny and Bebe didn't really get along well, so we found Bebe a good home with a friend of mine, her daughters, and their two dogs. Bebe was much happier in this home and became very close to their Golden Retriever, Goldie so it all worked out well. 

We did realize after that experience that we really wanted a second dog.
Michael was also interested in a German Shorthaired Pointer because of some dog rescues he had started following on Facebook.

Mocha (originally named Moe-Moe by the rescue) seemed like a perfect fit for us.
Michael thought she looked fairly small in the pics (around 40 lbs) which was good for us because Ginny was around 45 lbs and I didn't want two big dogs.

Mocha was very sickly though after she was rescued from wandering in the forest during winter. 
It took much longer to get her healthy than the rescue expected so she didn't arrive in Tucson, having been brought here safely in a car by Best Friend's Animal Society, until late March. 

She was also larger than expected. That was funny! It didn't matter though, of course we loved her from the minute we saw her.

It was rough timing though, because Michael went to India for 3 weeks in early April. 
Mocha had become immediately attached to him and then wondered where he had gone. She did get along great with Ginny and her presence also allowed Ginny to relax more when they were left alone. No more having to put Ginny in a crate when we left the house. 

The photo for this layout was taken in 2008 or 2009, probably 2009 by our friend Erin. 
It was before we got our third rescue, Bella and before Mocha had white hair on her face (which we think Bella caused LOL). 

Anyway, onto the layout. 

I made this using Glitz Design and Chic Tags, plus some American Crafts thickers (which were the last part to be added). Journaling is still a bit weird for me because I don't want to mess up the layout and sometimes I just want to say "cute" or "love this." I didn't put a date on this either. 

 Still awkward photos but I did take this in sunlight and love how the Glitz Design rhinestone sparkles! 

Here is a photo of Mocha taken recently. 

She looks a wee bit sad in this photo but was wondering why I was disturbing her circle turning as she tried to lay down, and was also having a bad day with lots of accidents. I was worried it might be diabetes but the vet thought maybe just an infection. She is all back to normal now. 

Tail wags and,


  1. super cute layout! I love all your pups! your dogs are my favorites on IG!

    1. Awwww!!!! Thank you! You would adore them in person too! ;-)