Thursday, February 20, 2014

Studio Calico Color Theory Ink Preview

I got lucky and caught the preorder for the new Studio Calico Color Theory Ink Bundle, which sold out fast! I had to wait several weeks to receive the inks so wondered if I should have just waited until I had seen more reviews. I am very pleased with these inks so far though!! I haven't had a lot of time to play with them so this is just a preview. They stamped true to color and I love that they dry so quick! There is a beautiful range of colors and it looks like we have another bundle to look forward to later this year. The color cards came free with my Studio Calico kit delivery. I also want to mention how much I love the Sugar Rush kits. I got all the add-ons! LOL 

Here are two photos of the Studio Calico Color Theory Dye Inks...including the stamp that I chose to stamp the ink onto their corresponding card. I am even considering the coordinating cardstock even though I have an over abundance of paper in this crowded craft studio. 

Did I forget to mention the ink pads were stackable! Love that feature even though it means the pads are a bit smaller than I would have liked. It so convenient to have one stack of so many colors taking up so little room. The Color Theory Inks are sold separately in the Studio Calico online shop. They are $4.99 per pad. The bundle was $54.99 (free shipping) for all 12 colors so that was a my opinion. I am not an ink expert, as that was one supply I was really sparse on when I first got into paper crafting but of the inks I have tried, these are at the top of my list of faves right now. 

Let me know if you have tried these inks or which ink is your favorite! 

P.S. The kitty stamp set is also from Studio Calico and was a Sneak Peak subscriber special offer that is no longer available. I don't have any kitties but the set was too adorable to pass up and I love cats. 


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