Monday, August 31, 2015


MarionSmithDesigns monthly planner pages. A5 size. 

I admit to not being very organized. 
Strange to say, because I attempt to organize and reorganize my spaces all the time. 
I've used planners for years, but they weren't very decorative or pretty. 
Mostly plain, but functional. 

I had the best luck with planners when I was taking online classes, and during the remodel last year. 
Mostly though, I was keeping track of things, not really organizing my life. 
There was a time when I never forgot a birthday, no matter what. Rolodex address cards worked great for that! Now, I can just post a greeting to someone on their social media. Yet, I still enjoy creating cards. 


Anyway, back to planners. I am going to try the A5 size again. I had this size over a decade ago, and found the planner to be too large for my needs. However, I am now wondering if I could consolidate my notebooks and personal planner into one large planner. This is my attempt at a start. 

I ordered the MSD Heart of Gold planner last Monday, but expected a delay in shipping because the company was fulfilling planner reorder requests first. I admit to being a bit anxious, but still patient, plus I have these pages that I ordered earlier this month to play around with. 

What is your favorite planner? Or method of planning? 

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