Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stamp Play: THE TON stamps

Hi everyone! 

So, I am probably going to be talking a lot about Periscope on my blog. LOL 
It is my new addiction, and there are so many amazing crafty/creative/artistic people on there to follow and watch. Also there are lots of companies (larger and smaller), that give sneaks of products and offer tutorials or behind the scenes. 

I have only done two Periscope broadcasts myself, but hope to do more soon. 
You can find me on the Periscope app with @kismet1990 or
watch from the computer at

Periscope has been around since April 2015, but I only discovered it in early August. I signed up using my main Twitter account, but I guess early on users could sign up with their phone numbers, so there could be a lot of numerical user names. There can also sometimes be unwelcome comments from people who are 'trolling' broadcasts (which is why it is generally a good idea to turn off your location unless you want people to know where you are for a particular broadcast) via the map feature. 

One of the companies that is on Periscope is @thetonstamps (The Ton website), so I am going to showcase a couple of projects I have done with the stamp sets I purchased as a result of one of their Periscope broadcasts. 

The above and below photo feature the Holiday Bows stamp set (which also comes with a matching die set, and I think both are being restocked). 

I only got the stamp set so had to fussy cut, but that was not as challenging for me as layering, although the set comes with a great layering guide. I was just having trouble seeing well (ahem, I need my bifocals increased LOL) when I tried to get close enough to line up the shadow stamp. 

I don't think this card really needed a sentiment because it could be used for any occasion when one might give a gift and want a matching card. 

I decided to use the Congrats sentiment from the other stamp set I purchased, called Panda Can't Even.

Apparently I did not take a photo of the stamp sets when they arrived, so will have to take a photo of the Panda Can't Even set and add in later. 

Here is a project I did with one of the *7* adorable pandas featured in the set. Yes, seven! Along with seven sentiments, hearts, and stars. A really versatile set.

 I'll try to do more posts featuring craft supply companies that have a presence on Periscope, but I am also trying to increase my crafty posts overall so I can feel more comfortable entering challenges. I don't have a lot of consistency across my blogs, social media, or shops, and am trying to develop that. I like to try lots of different things, and yet, also have a hard time keeping up with trends, so go figure. LOL Going my own way was great when papercrafting was a stress reliever while going to school, but now I want to find cohesiveness in my art, crafting, and online presence. 

Thanks so much!